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Solving problems with simple solutions is what I strive to do for my clients. Making it all look good is an added bonus. I also enjoy creating the occasional logo and illustration. Maybe there’s something I can design for you.




The FlinkTO Journey

The last 4 years have been dedicated to the world of FlinkTO (aka Flink12, FlinkMusic, FlinkFame, Flink). This project has transitioned through many stages – both the design and the business model. It began as a private social network for friends and evolved into a publishing platform for ‘Totally Obsessed’ fans. Working on the web and mobile apps has provided me with great experiences in usability and adaptation.



It began as a private social network.

Flink12 launched as a private social network that offered a safe and secure way for users to share their private life. The concept was that friends and family could share amongst groups of 12 (hence the name Flink12). This was the stage at which I joined the team.

Please Note: This is not my design.


Pivot. Iterate. Repeat.

After starting as chief designer for Flink12 the business model shifted to include a public profile. This then brought about a specific focus on the music industry and a strategy where users could pay to follow their favourite bands/musicians for access to premium content (FlinkMusic). From there the focus on music expanded to include all forms of celebrity (FlinkFame). The concept of pay-to-follow also pivoted into a story subsciption model and the spotlight on celebrity was further widened in order to open up the world of Flink to a broader range of posibilities. Currently the target is placed on ‘Totally Obsessed’ fans who crave high-quality content.

Along with the pivoting business model came UI changes and decisions based on numerous wireframes, prototypes and good ol’ fashion trial and error. Here are a few designs throughout the various stages.


The Flink* Logo

Not only did the business model and UI design change, so did the logo. Here are the various stages from Flink12 to FlinkTO.


FlinkTO: Totally Obsessed

The FlinkTO app continues to evolve as new features are added and direction shifts. Who knows what tomorrow will bring for FlinkTO but for now it’s where real fans share the things they love.


Daniel Wesley


The first site I built for Daniel was back in 2009. Since then he has released 4 albums which were coupled with revised site designs. His most recent site is a complete overhaul. We stripped down the navigation and content to include only the most pertinent things that fans want.

Daniel seamlessly mixes his wide array of folk, reggae, blues and rock influences so if you’re a fan of any of those genres then you definitely need to check this guy out.


EMC Ticketing


The primary purpose of the EMC Ticketing app was to help users find tickets to events. Although it never made it to production it was designed as a simple way to search for events and Walgreens locations where tickets could be purchased. Users could also scan their tickets, transfer them to another user, and participate in a daily lottery which offered a chance to win free tickets.


Memory In Miles


Memory In Miles is a foundation which raises money for local people in Northwestern Ontario who are battling cancer. It was created in honour Sherry Langlois Dearborn who, despite losing her fight with cancer, was passionate about people and wanted those battling cancer to have support, joy and hope.

I created the site to help bring awareness to the foundation, provide information on fund raising events and allow users to donate online.

I have a special place in my heart for Memory In Miles as they provided much support during my Mom’s short but gruelling battle with cancer.


Classic Portfolio Pieces


The last few years have been occupied by FlinkTO and a handful of freelance jobs but before that I worked on a variety of projects including web design, branding, and illustration. Here is an assortment of ‘classic’ work from years past.




Need a designer for your next web, app, branding or UI project? Maybe I’m your man. If not, I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction.